Celestial True Blueberry Tea

TOTW – True Blueberry

Countess Grey Tea of the Week Celestial True Blueberry Tea


Twinings Strawberry Raspberry Infusion

The new Tea of the Week is: Twinings Strawberry Raspberry Infusion While not an actual tea, the sweet and fruit taste offered by this berry based infusion from Twinings is perfect for spring and goes right along with the mood of sunlight and flowers as we come out from under the cloak of winter and … Continue reading Twinings Strawberry Raspberry Infusion

Tea of the Week: Darjeeling

This week the spotlight is on Darjeeling tea.  This tea is a light brew with a floral aroma.  Originating in the Darjeeling area of India, the mountainous region of the lesser Himalayas, Darjeeling tea can come in white, back, green or oolong varieties.   I've tried an excellent black tea which is a medium strength … Continue reading Tea of the Week: Darjeeling

Tea of the Week: Chocolate Pu’er

Just in time for Valentine's Day and to sip along with the latest from the Countess Grey Book Club, the tea of the week is a rich, dark, chocolate Pu'er. Pu'er, or Pu-erh, (sounds like pour in the Chinese pronunciation) is a fermented black tea, from China.  Mostly widely from Yunnan province in China, and … Continue reading Tea of the Week: Chocolate Pu’er