Lemon Tea


Do you love lemon?  Do you love tea?  I do.  I love both.  Together.  Separate.  Anyway!

The first time I was served hot water was in Hong Kong.  I was perplexed but quickly got on board.  Hot water on a cold day is delicious, hydrating, and warming.

Even better is hot water and lemon.  Fresh lemon mixed with hot water, as one would make tea is a well known ancient drink which has long been lauded for its health benefits.

Best of all is a plain black tea with lemon zest, lemon juice and sliced lemon.  I’ve never been one to get fancy at a restaurant, I’m not one to ask for lemon water or a lime in my drink, but in my tea!  That’s a whole different kettle of fish 🙂

If you don’t take your tea this way, try it!



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