Cream Tea


One of the most wonderful delights I discovered in my travels in the UK has been the Cream Tea.  As a Canadian, this was a new and magical awakening.  The UK is renowned for its tea culture and many tourists plan their visits intending to partake in an afternoon tea, a little bit fancy, maybe with champagne, and that’s quite lovely and an enjoyable part of any trip to the UK.

But what you might miss out on is the more casual cream tea, offered at many tea houses and small cafés throughout the UK.  The delicious cream tea is based around steeped tea and a scone served with clotted cream and jam. scones-and-cream

What is clotted cream?  It’s the star of the show.  Originating in southwest England, clotted cream, called Devonshire or Cornish cream depending on which area it comes from is a slightly sweet, rich product made from heating full fat milk and cooling slowly allowing clots or ‘clouts’ to form or separating the cream from the skimmed milk in an industrial process.

To enjoy, steep a nice pot of strong tea.  Heat up a freshly made scone, spread a thick layer of cool clotted cream then top with your favourite fruit preserve!

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