Jasmine Tea


The beautiful fragrance of jasmine tea makes it a relaxing and enjoyable sip!  The sweet taste is underscored, preferably, by a nutty green tea.

I first encountered jasmine tea in a Vietnamese restaurant.  My senses were mystified and delighted as I tried to pinpoint the new flavour.  It was similar to a green tea, but more mellow and smooth.  Slightly sweeter and also warmer and more fragrant.

Jasmine tea is a scented tea.  The base is usually a green tea, although black or white teas can be used, to which jasmine blossoms are used to provide a very fragrant tea resulting with a slightly sweet ‘taste’.

It’s made by mixing or layering the delicate jasmine blossoms with the tea leave to impart their fragrance.  Timed perfectly with stored green tea harvest and the flowering of the jasmine.

If you want some it should be easily found at your nearest Asian grocer, or you can order it here.



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