Tea, Why Have You Betrayed Me?


I have been betrayed by my true love, dark, delicious black tea.  Much to the disgust of my family, I’ve always been a black tea drinker, no sugar, no cream, simply strong black tea, ‘straight up’ as one might say.  But then I started noticing it was making me sick?  What gives?  How could tea betray me like this?

Normally I start my day with coffee, and have tea with an afternoon snack or with dessert, but for the last few weeks I’ve been having tea in the mornings.  My morning routine usually involves drinking some water then having tea or coffee while I get on the computer, then after a couple of hours I get some breakfast and finish getting ready for the day.

When I switched from coffee to tea in the mornings I began feeling nauseous, which was strange because the caffeine in coffee never affected me, and although it would irritate my stomach when I got to my second cup, this felt nothing like that, it was straight up nausea.  This made me think back to other times when I had drank tea for breakfast, before eating, and I realized that I had the same reaction then as well.

So I did what I always do, and got on the Google machine, confident the internet would have the answer.  And it did!  It turns out tea contains something called Tannin a natural compound found in many plants which contributes to tea’s bitterness and astringency, it’s what causes, in some cases, the nausea and the dry or puckery feeling in your mouth, especially if you drink tea on an empty stomach.

And there it is, I’m not an expert, nor is Wikipedia, but it sounds plausible, and makes sense with my reaction.  Nice to know I’m not losing my mind after all, and in the future I’ll just be more careful to eat while I drink my yummy, delicious tea.


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