Blooming Tea

Blooming Tea.jpg

To go with reading a silly book on a cold day, I’ve paired Alice in Wonderland with blooming tea.

Blooming tea is a very mild, lightly flavoured tea which offers more visual appeal than a traditional black or green tea.  This herbal tea usually comes as a tightly furled bud which ‘blooms’ in the cup once hot water is added.

The first time I had blooming tea was when I travelled to Hong Kong; which is tea heaven, by the way; and it was offered along with the hot water which is also served by most establishments during the colder months, in place of a regular glass of cold water.

As someone who grew up in Canada the idea of drinking plain hot water was strange at first, but I quickly got on board!

For some options of blooming tea look here: Jasmin/Green Blooming Tea or Flowering Tea



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